About the project

META-NET is designing and implementing META-SHARE, a sustainable network of repositories of language data, tools and related web services documented with high-quality metadata, aggregated in central inventories allowing for uniform search and access to resources. Data and tools can be both open and with restricted access rights, free and for-a-fee. META-SHARE targets existing but also new and emerging language data, tools and systems required for building and evaluating new technologies, products and services.

About the partners

META-SHARE will start by integrating nodes and centres represented by the partners of the META-NET consortium. It will gradually be extended to encompass additional nodes/centres and provide more functionality with the goal of turning into an as largely distributed infrastructure as possible.

Select network node

Please select one of the following META-SHARE network nodes to proceed. For an explanation of the differences between META-SHARE Managing Nodes and other META-SHARE nodes, you can visit this page.

META-SHARE Managing Nodes

Other META-SHARE Nodes